Official Betting Partner

Major Partner

Stake.com has become UFC’s first-ever “Official Betting Partner” in Latin America and Asia, which has added to our collection of sponsorships from the world's biggest sporting organisations and stars.

UFC Product

As part of this partnership, we will collaborate with the UFC to improve your betting experience, providing exclusive promotions, VIP experiences and producing exclusive social and digital content featuring UFC athletes.


An ideal combination

"We’re thrilled to partner with an exciting and emerging platform like Stake.com to offer exclusive digital and social content to our fans, as well as an innovative gaming experiences,” UFC Vice President of Global Partnerships Nick Smith said. “UFC prides itself on being innovators, and Stake.com is a unique way for fans to experience the action and excitement of UFC."

Making a Statement

We are committed to providing the best of gambling experiences to our players. We feel as if partnerships such as this one, will enhance our status in the industry, where we will no longer just be competing, but completely taking over.